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Control Systems 2018

co-located with TAPPI:s "PaperCon"

April 15-18, 2018, Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC, USA.

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Control Systems (English)

Held every two years, the Control Systems Conference is an international meeting in the area of process measurements and controls, and systems engineering for the pulp and paper industry.

The conference is held in conjunction with TAPPI’s PaperCon 2018 [].
PaperCon has the largest pulp and paper technical program in the world and includes sessions in the areas of papermaking, coating, mill management, stock prep and fluid mechanics, process control and sustainability. The program is jointly organized by several divisions of TAPPI, including PIMA.

PaperCon attracts presenters and attendees from all major pulp and paper producing countries. By joining PaperCon, Control Systems 2018 participants will have an excellent opportunity to network with technology, research and manufacturing peers from around the world.

The conference series "Control Systems" was started in 1982 by Sven Gunnar Edlund and Lennart Eriksson at what was then STFI (later Innventia, and now RISE Bioeconomy). Since then the conference is arranged (with a few exceptions) every second year, alternating between Scandinavia (Sweden/Finland) and North America (Canada/USA).

Control Systems is hosted by paper engineer organisations in the various countries.



Control Systems (Svenska)

Konferensen "Control Systems" är en ledande internationell konferens om mätning och styrning inom processindustrin, speciellt inom pappers- och massaindustrin.

Konferensen startades 1982 av Sven Gunnar Edlund och Lennart Eriksson inom dåvarande STFI (Skogsindustrins Tekniska Forskningsinstitut, numera en del av RISE). Control Systems har sedan dess, med något undantag, arrangerats vartannat år, alternerande mellan Nordamerika (Kanada/USA) och Norden (Sverige/Finland).

Konferensen arrangeras i samverkan med pappersingenjörsföreningar i de berörda länderna. I Sverige SPCI, Svenska Pappers- och Cellulosa-Ingenjörsföreningen, med branschorganet "Svensk Papperstidning".



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